Camp Munch offers three essential elements for achieving artistic development: Time, professional guidance and an academic program of high quality. Camp Munch will give you a holistic experience of art; from early attempts and art production, to how you promote and communicate your artwork. Camp Munch encourages participants to participate actively and to work intensively. The art program consists of a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical learning, both traditional methods and newer expressive possibilities. You get a chance to experience how ideas and artistic expressions change depending on the technique used, and how you can achieve your desired result. While Munch´s life and artistic legacy is a source of inspiration, Camp Munch will be primarily oriented toward helping you develop into a professional artist in the future.

Goals and objectives of Camp Munch:

  • To promote interest, recognition, competence and abilities in the visual arts.
  • To stimulate creative abilities and inspire to art production in a professional context.
  • To lay the groundwork for independent and creative work processes and artistic expression.
  • To be a springboard for future artists and help develop their talent and professionalism.