Here are the participants to Camp Munch 2016!

The result of the jury is ready, and today we can announce the names of the participants to the first Camp Munch in Løten!


Celine Børresen, Hamar, Norway
Christina Tømterud, Ringebu, Norway
Elise Olsen, Sandefjord, Norway
Erica Francker, Vestby, Norway
Håkon Berg Dybvik, Terråk, Norway
Ingrid Høvik, Steinsdalen, Norway
Karen Marie Lysgaard, Tangen, Norway
Kristine Tøgard, Langhus, Norway
Magne Skagen, Lillesand, Norway
Maren Høgberg, Husøysund, Norway
Mia Moe, Fredrikstad, Norway
Pernille Øverjordet, Tønsberg, Norway
Selma Kielland, Fetsund, Norway
Silje Greidung, Oppstryn, Norway
Sofia Sandersen, Oslo, Norway
Synnøve Fatland, Kopervik, Norway
Tamara Malesevic, Stryn, Norway
Tone-Marie Andersson, Fredrikstad, Norway
Tuva Kjartansdóttir, Uppsala, Sweden
Åsta Sparr, Oslo, Norway


Jury statement

We receives many good applications to Camp Munch. The applications are thoughtful and they display personal expression, capabilities and skills. There have been great variations in the use of color, materials and format. We have focused on curiosity, skills and breadth of expression.
There are 20 available spots at Camp Munch 2016 and we hope the youngsters who have been chosen will have a benefit huge from the week. Their applications tells us that we have an exciting starting point for a weeklong art camp.
We hope that those who were not chosen to participate in this year, continues to draw and paint and hopefully apply again next time. It was a hard job for the jury to choose only 20 participants from all the great applications that came in.
Ellen Edminson, Nina Molven and Inga Blix

Camp Munch would like to thank all of you who sent us applications! It has been both gratifying and inspiring to see the contributions of so many young art talents! Remember that Camp Munch will be held every second year. If you are not offered a spot in 2016, you are welcome to try again later.