7 – 13 August Løten municipality arranged the first Camp Munch ever in cooperation with Klevfos Industrial Museum and Fargefabrikken v/ Nina Molven. Camp Munch is an art summer camp for youth ages 13 – 20 years, ant this year´s participants represented large parts of Norway and Uppsala in Sweden.

Sunday August 7 our 20 expectant participants arrived Ådalsbruk school where they would live during the camp-week. The first night we spent getting to know each other.
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First day of camp began with a presentation of the teachers/artists, participants and the weekly task: Self Portrait / selfie. It was important for the artists Marianne Karlsen and Ellen Edminson to get to know the participants´ expectations ant to abolish any performance anxiety. Despite the fact that graphics and the technique collografi was new to most of them, the production got well started at day one.

“I think it will be created a lot of magic here today”, Ellen Edminson said early on day 2. Several participants were then ready to press with more than one plate and with different colors, and we were all extra exited when we got to see the first multicolored artwork. We got to discover how the use of color can change the motif and create different moods and effects, and started to explore the possibilities. The proccss and the search for the right expression was presented on the walls, and as the week god by the room became filled with color, shapes, moods and expressions.
Trykking Rommet fylles

Wednesday was a highlight with a study tour to the Munch Museum and Edvard Munch´s art studio at Ekely in Oslo. The exhibition Jasper Johns + Edvard Munch was exciting because of the use of personal motifs, fingerprints and signatures that opened our thoughts about what a self-portrait could be.
IMG_8883 IMG_8893

On day 4 it was time to explore intaglio and the use of copper and plexiplates. Theese are demanding techniques because one must be aware of both positive and negative lines and surfaces and how the motif will be mirrored in the printing process, but also because it is difficult to disguise any mistakes.

Now our brand new digital equipment came to full advantage, iPads to all and two iMacs procured with support from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB. Many were familiar with digital imaging but for others it was new knowledge on how to prepare and process artwork digitally.
iMac iPad

The participants got to be part of various organized or selv-selected evening activities every day, but this Thursday they were invited to a party in Løten with gamer and youtuber “Noobwork” and a concert with artist Morgan Sulele. Many were a bit exhausted from the long days, but most joined the party and got to experience something new along with 250 other local and regional children and youth.
Morgan Sulele

Friday was a hectic day because everybody wanted to complete their plates and print as much as possible before prepare the participants own art exhibition at Munch Minifestival. Camp Munch is primarily learning and production of art under professional supervision, but also provides a taste of exhibition work and the experience of being a “real” artist.
Mange vasker Utstillingsmontering

Saturday 13 August about 400 visitors came to Klevfos Industrial Museum to join the Munch Mini Festival. Here they could join different art activities, such as linocut, draw your own “Scream”, paper crafting, wall animation (click to see the result), outdoor painting and how to make and fly your own kite. There were also other outdoor activities, the opportunity to try Virtual Reality technology, guided tours in Løtens own Munch center, lectures, theater and a concert. The highlight of the day was nevertheless the participants´ own exhibition in Klevfos Industrial Museums authentic factory premises. The prints were mounted on Plexiglas and hung from scaffolding rigs, and became even more impressive with proper lighting and good presentation. The exhibition was opened by Mayor Bente Elin Lilleøkseth and artist Unni Askeland. Unni Askeland read the poem “Kjerringa mot strømmen” by André Bjerke that in many ways summed up several young artists´ life path: slightly against the current, perhaps somewhat lonely, but always seeking and self-willed.
Unni Utstilling

Camp Munch is supported by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Arts Council Norway, Hedmark County and Løten municipality, the birthplace of Edvard Munch.