A thank you to Camp Munch’s supporters

Organizer Løten municipality would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the realization of Camp Munch 2016. Significant art institutions have supported the first ever Camp Munch in Løten, and made it possible to create an art camp for youth in Edvard Munch’s birthplace. Camp Munch was successfully completed with the help of good partners. A warm thank you to all of you.

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB
From the grounds in the Decision: “We think that the initiative is very interesting and believes that it falls well with all of our goals and strategies related to helping to increase interest in art and culture: This project will contribute to that art and culture of high quality is available, we here support dissemination measures that create understanding and enthusiasm, and we can help to strengthen the meeting places between public and art”.

Arts Council Norway
Purpose of the scheme “Project support children and youth”: “Arts Council Norway´s overall objectives in the field of children and youth are to promote the interest, the recognition for the quality of art and culture for children and adolescents. The project support for children and youth went mainly to innovative artistic and cultural projects where young people participate actively with or are led by professional artists and communicators”.

Hedmark County Council
Purpose of the scheme “General cultural purposes”: “It is a clear objective that one will contribute to a varied and diverse cultural life of high quality that will provide good opportunities for all regardless of residency. Social meetings, cultural experiences and opportunities for personal participation and development are important objectives”.

Nina Molven at Fargefabrikken has developed the artistic program for Camp Munch 2016. A skilled, innovative and quality conscious collaborator who has concretizes the ideas behind Camp Munch in the spirit of Edvard Munch.

Klevfos Industrial Museum
Klevfos Industrial Museum has been the venue of Camp Munch 2016 and Munch Mini Festival. The museum has made its premises available, been providing significant components to Munch Mini Festival and been very helpful during the implementation of the arrangements.

Fresh fruit every day!
All food stores in Løten, Joker Klevbakken, Kiwi Løten, Rema 1000, Joker Brenneriroa and Kiwi Meierigården, ensured daily baskets of fresh fruit to Camp Munch participants.

Munch youth party
Sparebanken Hedmark, Boligpartner Hamar, Møller Bil Hamar, Flagstad AS and VI-TO sponsored the happening Munch youth party with gamer and youtuber “Noobwork” and a concert by Morgan Sulele. A fun and including evening for youths from Løten and the region.

Munch Mini Festival
Great Cultural attractions in the region, Norsk Skogmuseum, Teater Innlandet, Hamar Kulturhus, Hamar Kino og Tangen dyrepark, have contributed with tickets as prizes to Munch Mini Festival. The program, which was designed as a cultural trail, contained art activities and entertainment for visitors and it was drawn winners among participants who attended the cultural trail.

Løten municipality
Løten municipality is the organizer of Camp Munch and an important contributor to the project. As Edvard Munch´s birthplace and his childhood paradise, we are committet to continue the important focus on Munch, visual arts and the rising generation.