The 20 spots to Camp Munch are filled once again!

Friday 2 March was the application deadline for this summer´s Camp Munch. We are exited about many good applications from artistic youth from all over the country who want to learn more about art and graphics in Løten, Edvard Munch´s birthplace.

Camp Munch is a summer art camp for Young people 13 – 20 years from all over the country. Camp Munch will be arranged 1 – 7 July in Løten. The purpose of the project is to offer artistic youth a social environment and an opportunity for professional development in the summertime. In the long run, there is also a goal to motivate young people to continue with art and maybe become artists. The summer holidays offer plenty of time and opportunity to work more intensively with art. The summer is also an opportunity to travel, meet new people and to learn. There is a very special energy when 20 creative youth gather. When you combine this with an exciting program taught by professional artists, we achieve the basis for a good social environment with creativity, positive results and lasting friendships. With good response and great applications, the 20 sports to Camp Munch are filled once again!

It is rewarding to read the youth’s own reasons for why they want to attend Camp Munch, and to see their art works. This is a group of dedicated and motivated youth who wants to learn more, and who have goals and future dreams. Many have drawing and painting as an interest throughout their lives, and have investigated motives and techniques alone of with otheers. Cultural Schools and the UKM are clearly important arenas of development in Norway, there are also some who are completely self-taught and who have not been part of a creative environment earlier. Among the older applicants there are several who continue with art schools. While some use art as a way to process thoughts and feelings, others use art to express fantasy and dreams.

This year’s applicants represent 10 of the country’s 19 counties and the entire age range from 13 to 20 years.