Camp Munch 2020: Changing lines

The theme for Camp Munch 2020 will be «Changing lines» – drawing, animation and street art.

Drawing is a technique that «everyone» knows, and a skill that is the starting point of most art forms. In drawing art, the line is the dominant element. Drawing often links to design, motif and function, and is sometimes inspired by other art forms such as film and graffiti. Animation is about creating the illusion of movement by manipulating the motives. The most well-known types are puppet films and cartoon movies. Street art is art in public arenas. In street art, the message stands strong and the desire to reach as many people as possible with the content and with the work.

Edvard Munch was born in Løten 12 Desember 1863. Munch lived barely one year in Løten, but he still returned to his birthplace several times and throughout life. Especially the summers in Løten, in childhood and adolescence and with pencil and sketchbook as companions, were important to Munch. These summers are the inspiration behind Camp Munch.

Invitation to next summer’s art camp will be available from Autumn.